By Mark & Margot Gnome Fairy Statue Garden Decorations Sleeing Dog Gnomes Faires Outside Or Inside Home Decore



  • TRUSTED USA DESIGN AND USA COMPANY! – You can feel totally confident because you are buying from your own backyard and from a trusted USA brand that has your back 100% of the time. This means you are going to get a higher design standard than normal and because we have locations across the country you can rest assured if you or your gift recipient as any problems we are always here to help.
  • TOTALLY ORGINAL DESIGN-This wonderful dog takes a afternoon nap while gnomes and fairy friends explore the adventures of his furry back. This exeptional design was handcrafted by over 15 of the worlds most tallented artist. Just check out the details! Each design is hand Sculpted and handpainted to perfection with layers of extra thick and shiny UV protected waterproof paint💧 leaving the colors looking bright and Vibrant for years to come. Exclusively brougtht to you By Mark & Margot..
  • HAND INSPECTED & HIGH QUALITY-Made sturdy from high grade resin materials that is not mixed down with other materials like sand to cheapen the cost which is the common practice. Our extra attention to quality gives you a extra smooth superior statue body that is free from air bubbles and holes. In addition to great materials we do a 100% hand inspection of every single piece which is very uncommon. This insures that you or your gift recipient gets exacty the quality they expect and deserve.