LNC French Country Chandeliers Wood 6 Lights Rust Arms for Dining, Bedroom, Living Room and Bathroom, Brown



Color Brown
Brand LNC
Finish Type Antique
Material Wood, Metal
Style Rustic & French Country

About this item

  • HANDMADE DISTRESSED CHANDELIER: In addition to being UL listed for safety, the distressed wood, rust-colored arms, chain and canopy, and every part is completely handmade, bringing an affordable luxury along with unique French country sensations to your sweet home.
  • FREE EASY INSTALLATION: Save your money for yourself! No need to hire an electrician for assembling and hanging this chandelier. Just screw the center column into the bottom bowl, adjust the appropriate height and wiring then screw in the bulbs and watch your room as it shines gorgeously!
  • CUSTOMIZED & ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Being equipped with a 59” chain and 65” exposed cord, this chandelier can be adjusted from 84. 4” to 25. 4” without using any additional tools or parts. It is perfectly designed to fit your ceiling whether for bedroom, dining room, living room, foyer or any other place!
  • IDEAL DIMENSION FOR VARIOUS CEILINGS: Round Canopy: 5. 1” diameter, Light Fixture: 29. 5” Width x 24. 4” Height, Chain: 59”, Exposed cord: 65”. This lighting is designed to work on all ceilings including flat, sloped, slanted or vaulted ceiling. The chain length is fully adjustable to range from 0 to 60 inches
  • FULLY DIMMABLE & REQUIRES BULBS: Works with compatible dimmer switch (Not Included) and requires 6 x E12/Candelabra Base max 40W Bulbs (Not Included). You can also decorate with beads and garland to create a new look.


Product Description


Handcrafted with the best traditional&newest techniques and wood and characteristic materials, each LNC piece is inspired by the past, but reconceived from a modern perspective, producing uniquely authentic collections which push the boundaries of light fixture design.

Home is a curation of your identity, a reflection of your own image. Embrace the freedom to express yourself in your own way. Create your own sense of belonging, made by the light fixture you love – with so much ease, and with so much satisfaction.

Whatever you are looking for vintage fixture, industrial fixture or modern fixture, come to LNC, you can find right collections for your living room, dining room, bedroom, Kitchen, foyer, entryway or for boutique shop …


Size Specification and Tips

Chandelier: 29 1/2″ in diameter, 24 1/2″ in height

Canopy: 5″ in diameter, 1″ in height

TIPS: Measure your room’s length and width in feet, and add those two numbers together. Then use that number as the width in inches for your chandelier. For example, if your room is 10′ x 19′, the sum of those equals 29′. The chandelier should be 29″ wide.

However, if you are placing the chandelier over a table, the width of the chandelier should be 12″ narrower than the width of the table so no one bumps into it while getting in and out of their seat.










To Customer:

—— [Classic Wood French Country Chandelier Created by LNC Originally] ——

Inspired by nature, the whole look create from the Jellyfish, our senior designer spending almost 3 months to finish the manuscript of all details. It has been the most popular french country chandelier for four consecutive years, we never stop improve and upgrade it according to opinions of thousands of customers. This masterpiece is a constantly polished artwork rather than a light fixture.

We believe no matter how many followers produce our style, we have the most tender and harmonious look in appearance, the excellent workmanship in manufacture. Choose us, choose the superior quality, don’t make any compromises on the delicate life!

This chandelier is the priceless, unique and irreplaceable treasure in our store!!!


Why is this wood chandelier so expensive?

Because the best french country chandelier is made from real wood, it grows slowly, which limits supply and raises the cost. Also, wood fixture may be more difficult to manufacture in mass quantities because each part of a wood piece must be cut to a specification, whereas it may be easier to create these modular pieces with manufactured wood.

The wood we select is durable (less likely to decay and rot), comes with close grain, and requires low maintenance. It comes with low sap content and good fire resistance, revered for its varied natural colors and styles.

Time will prove your rationality and foresight…





Painstaking Design

  • Our chief senior designer Terrance led his team designed and developed this french country chandelier. As a designer who has been committed to American home light fixture design and development for decades, he should be an artist with the ability to open people’s imagination of beauty. The research and development of each product is his perception of life.
  • Interaction between design and life, it’s a life attitude of pursuing perfection, a concept of life that pursues taste, using a minimalist line to outline the most spiritual space.
  • A pleasant space, a noble life and an exclusive world all seek the most appropriate expression in this chandelier.


Natural Real Wood

  • A piece of chandelier is a unique confluence of design, workmanship and material; each element bears responsibility for the success of the whole. Selecting the right materials for our pieces is essential. We source only the finest quality wood, and put considerable effort in building.
  • The wood we selected has good corrosion resistance and durability, the most important thing is that it has natural grain that can’t be imitated by imitation wood.
  • The wood with a hand-brushed finish that allows air and sunlight to naturally color the wood, so that it develops a beautiful distress over time.


Sanding, Staining, and Finishing Sanding

  • Sanding is the first step in the finishing process. The craftsman will inspect the finish from different angles to check for blotchiness or scratches.
  • Stain enhances the natural beauty of wood and adds color and character. It can make one wood type look like another, or make different woods look similar.
  • Look for depth and richness in the finish, which comes from several light coats of finish with sanding between the coats.
  • For this distressed pieces, you’ll find that the surface of this chandelier uses many of these effects to age new fixture and to heighten its rustic appeal. The wood is beaten, battered and nicked before applying the finish.


Hand-made Chandelier Making

  • While there were certainly some benefits to the industrialization of fixture-making, its downsides were that there was a level of skill and craftsmanship that was seemingly lost. When a fixture designer produces your a piece with his own hands, there is an undeniable level of care. By contrast, a person who performs a single function on an assembly line is not nearly as accountable and has less reason to care about your satisfaction.
  • With a deep appreciation of the complex nature of wood, we are committed to handcraft, this piece is an embodiment of its sophisticated making process. The aesthetics are predicated on hard struggle.