Mindful Design Glass Wax Warmer with Copper Band - Plug-In Wax Melter Air Freshener and Night Light Lantern, Ideal for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Rooms



  • SAFELY SCENT YOUR HOME – the scent of candles is lovely, but who wants to worry about an open flame? A wax warmer is the perfect solution to safely melt scented waxes and bring pleasant aroma to your home without the risk. The outlet cord is outfitted with a toggle switch to easily turn off when you’re leaving the room. Follow all provided safety instructions while operating the wax warmer. Soy Wax is recommended for best results.
  • VINTAGE EDISON BULB DESIGN – the glowing filament bulb that powers the wax warmer has a vintage-inspired design and a gentle golden glow provided by the surrounding glass for the perfect ambiance.
  • PART OF YOUR DECOR – the round glass vase that encircles the light is surrounded by an artfully-finished copper trim and an easy-to-remove bowl at the top where you melt your wax. The stylish design is so pretty it will be a natural part of your living room decor!
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – the stylish bowl at the top can be easily lifted off to clean or to gain access to the other parts of the warmer. The glass panel can be removed for dusting and the metal form is a snap to wipe down.
  • DIMENSIONS – Measures 7.3″ tall and 4.7″ wide. Equipped with a 42″ cord. Bulb is a 40 watt, 120 V, type E12 candelabra base bulb.