NIUBEE Black Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount 6 Pack, Acrylic Album Record Holder Display Your Daily LP Listening in Office Home



Color Black
Material Pvc, Acrylic

About this item

  • DISPLAY YOUR FAVORITE VINYL RECORDS- Black acrylic vinyl record holder enables you to showcase your vinyl records without covering the artwork.
  • EASY ACCESS TO DAILY LISTENING ALBUM- It makes listening to your favorite album easy with the quick access wall mounted Vinyl display unit.
  • PERFECTLY GIFT FITS ONE LP- Essential for music enthusiasts who need a designer display system for large Vinyl record collections.
  • LIGHTWEIGH & STURDY RECORD HOLDER- Ditch the bulky record holders!Our Vinyl Record Storage Rack is made of premium sturdy but lightweight acrylic.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HOME DECOR- These black Vinyl floating shelves are bound to add an elegant touch to any living space,the attention-grabbing design will definitely turn your record collection into a Gallery in your home or office.

Product Description

black vinyl holder

Records should be displayed and enjoyed rather than stuck in a box or closet.

You’ve spent years making a collection, picking through yard sales, antique shops or anywhere you can get your hands on them. They became part of who you are, they are not less than real treasure as they carry fond memories and sounds that send you on a nostalgia trip.

But sadly, most records usually end up packed and kept in a box.

A good shelf is a warm perch for your vinyl records. Put every vinyl on a shelf, see it, feel it, enjoy it, your vinyl records deserve to be shared and admired.

NIUBEE Vinyl Record Wall Mount Shelf helps you show off your Vinyl Album Collection on the wall beautifully!

record wall mount

Made with high quality balck acrylic and an all-in-one design, NIUBEE vinyl record wall shelf presents a floating effect when displayed vinyl record album on it.

Use just one or create a record wall to display LP in a way that allows for, give your collection a creative look, and even inspires admiration.

It also prevents the records from slipping and sliding by placing them at an angle resting against the wall, makes it easier to put up or switch albums.

This wall mount vinyl holder is an essential accessory for music enthusiasts who need a designer display for their favorite vinyl record cover art.

vinyl record wall display

NIUBEE Vinyl Record Holder Wall Mount

Black Vinyl Floating Shelf

Made of 1/8 inch thick premium acrylic material. NIUBEE uses high grade cast acrylic for all products. Cast acrylic products are stronger, and more scratch resistant. They have a longer life.

Easy to Assemble

Designed with the purpose of beauty and simplicity, the Vinyl Acrylic Floating Shelf only needs two screws to be affixed to the wall. It is intelligently designed and the plane on which the record is placed is at an angle, which prevents the plate from falling forward.

Product Details

  • 6 Pack
  • Black Cast Acrylic
  • Wall Mounted Style
  • Floating Dispaly Effect
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Flexible & Sturdy

record shelf

vinyl record display

vinyl wall mount 6 pack

All-in-one Wall Mount Design

Premium Black Acrylic Material

6 Sets Package

record holder acrylic

vinyl record wall shelf

vinyl record holder

Record Wall Shelf

Aesthetically made from high grade acrylic plexi glass, this Vinyl Record Wall Mount Shelf is stylish and transforms your simple living space, making it as beautiful as the music it represents.

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