TideAndTales Mermaid Wall Decor with Shelves - Sweet and Stylish Mermaid Room Decor for Girls Bedroom or Nursery - Free Standing or Hanging Shelf - Gift Boxed - Kids Mermaid Bathroom Décor



Material Wood
Occasion Baby Shower
Color Mermaid
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5 x 14 x 21.5 inches
Brand Tide and Tales

About this item

  • [ Exciting New Design ] from Tide and Tales: This decorative mermaid tail wall decor shelving brings magic, joy, imagination, and mermaid art to a young girl’s bedroom. She’ll love displaying her treasured toys and ornaments on its two quaint shelves.
  • [ Sweet & Simple ] This mermaid room decor boasts serene seascape hues of aqua, lilac, and pearly pink to sweeten up your powder room and give just the right amount of shelf space for those little things. Stand it up or hang it up with included hardware.
  • [ A Rare Find ] You finally found that perfect mermaid bedroom decor for girls. There’s simply no other like it on the market. Its unique design charms a young girl’s bedroom or bathroom, and touches it with special, quaint style.
  • [ Gift Ready ] For birthdays, baby showers, special holidays, or just because you know that special someone will adore it. This mermaid bathroom decor for girls is packed flat for safe shipping but swathed in a colorful and creative gift box so all you have to do is add a greeting card.

Product Description

Mermaid shelf


Remember those special trinkets you had when you were a little girl? Unicorns, rainbows, swirly lollipops, and under the sea stories lit up your days and made your childhood a time of sweetness and simplicity. Especially mythical tales about mermaids and other mysteries of the hidden world. What a delightful time!

Bring that magic into your little girl’s life with mermaid tail bedroom decor that she’ll love. The soft tri-colored palette of wistful hues is reminiscent of sweet summer days at the seaside that inspire stories about magical mermaids and other legends of old. This bedroom, bathroom, or nursery wall shelf is so beautiful you’ll be surprised to discover that it’s also solid, practical, and versatile.

Mermaid wall decor

Mermaid shelf floating shelf

Kids bookcase

Mermaid shelf assembly


Aqua, lilac, and pearly pink feature in this darling mermaid tail motif, complete with carefully painted scales. These gorgeous hues merge gently, on into the next, and bring serenity and calm to your bedroom or bathroom.


Two ways to display this wooden shelf makes it versatile to be in any room. If you choose to hang it, the hardware is included along with instructions for easy assembling. It has a wide, stable base so you can stand it up on a table, desk, or countertop.


When beauty and practicality unite, you have a winner. Two quaint shelves are built right into this wooden mermaid wall shelf, and offer a space for those little things, like your little girl’s treasured ornaments and figurines, or petite bottles, vials, or candles in your powder room.


We pack it flat so it can be safely shipped to you without damage, so it requires assembly. It’s simple to do, but we included instructions just in case, and it comes with all the hardware you need.

Mermaid shelf


Cookie-cutter stuff is okay for kitchenware, but not for home decor or gifts for a special person. Buying a product to bring love, style, and character to your home should always involve a search for that rare item, the one that says “this is it” when you finally discover it.

This unique colored mermaid motif wall shelf is in a class of its own. There’s simply no other shelf like it. The merging of three wistful colors, the practical shelves, and the shape and style of its structure enhance the beauty and serenity in your home unlike any other boring, ordinary shelf.

Mermaid shelf


Every girl loves the magic and mystery of mermaids and under-the-sea stories.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special little girl or a baby shower, you’ve found it.

And the bonus is that we’ve gift boxed it so you don’t have to. Just add a greeting card and it’s gift-ready to go.

Mermaid shelf


There’s nothing quite like the legend of the mermaid. It’s reminiscent of childhood days, but it enchants the imaginative adult who has fond memories of days past. The magic inside those mythical stories of undersea creatures still fills you with a sense of wonder and mystery. Isn’t it a delight to behold the same sparkle in your little girl’s eyes?

Girls room wall shelf


It’s the simple things that really matter. Those items of beauty that bring a smile to our face, add color to our days, and remind us that our home is a place of calm, comfort, and connection. Nature has always inspired the great artists of our time, and so it continues to find its way into our homes––especially the sea, the sky, the watercolor coastlines that give us a feeling of peace, serenity, and beauty on the horizon.

At TIDE AND TALES, that’s where our inspiration comes from, and so we design special home decor items that charm and enchant with soft hues and sweet style